Our Mission and Beliefs

We keep our customers. They come first. Even in this modern era of global competition we win a high percentage of quotes. Rembar never sacrifices quality or performance to accomplish this goal.

sales engineer

Sales Engineers

To us, the best sales call we can make is to fill each order to the complete satisfaction of our customer. Our experienced Sales Engineers know refractory metals and their applications from real-world projects over many years. Their job is to see an order from customer specifications through delivery. They are a hands-on team. Do you have just-in-time needs for material or component fabrication? Let them know and they will make it look easy to do.

metal supply

Refractory Metals Supply

Rembar maintains world-wide lines of supply for refractory metals developed over 60 years in business. Rembar manages the fluctuating refractory metals marketplace so our customers benefit and always have a place for reliable supply. We ship from our own extensive inventory and can satisfy requests for modest or major supply needs in record time.


Parts Fabrication

We produce refractory metal parts from beginning to end according to the most demanding customer specifications and tolerances. Rembar will succeed where others fail to produce parts to high tolerance or fail to do it reliably. This is our specialty. We work in the size range of the tiniest filaments to large applications such as molten glass stirrers. Customers routinely send us machined parts for repair, restoration or modification. This is another of our specialties and often a less expensive alternative to traditional replenishment channels.


Engineering Support

We have the engineering expertise and experience to assist in the design of refractory metal components. This is another of our specialties and customers tell us it dramatically shortens the time from prototype concept to finished design. Our broad knowledge of the field of refractory metals helps our customers avoid the pitfalls of designing in these difficult metals.

quality control

Quality Control

Our Quality Control and Assurance Program is second to none. It targets the potential weaknesses and failure points in material supply and parts manufacture with rigorous and thorough inspection steps. We invest in advanced technology and instrumentation so our customers can depend upon what we deliver.

Rembar meets the following Quality Control specifications:  Mil-I-45208-A, Mil-Q-9858-A, Mil-Std-45662-A & Mil-Std-1520-C

our staff

Our Staff

We retain our staff. They like the challenges of working with refractory metals and working with diverse industries and government agencies. Contributing to the success of industry, defense and space exploration is satisfying, rewarding and a source of pride in workmanship. There is always something new in the way of technology to innovate the fabrication process so we are more competitive or achieve higher quality. We invite new customers to join our growing customer base.

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