Furnace Components for Glass Manufacturers

Furnace Components

Glass manufacturing companies look to us for high-quality fabricated molybdenum components to use in their glass and quartz production. Thanks to our years of fabrication experience, quality control, and the purity of our metals, our molybdenum components provide excellent corrosion and creep resistance.

Molybdenum Components for the Glass Industry

Quartz and Glass Production Parts

Rembar provides the necessary molybdenum components for glass and quartz production, from nozzles and stirrers to heating elements and melting tubes. We also offer molybdenum glass tank reinforcements to prevent corrosion and extend the life of your tank.

Low-Cost Components

Rembar has been supplying molybdenum electrodes, stirrers, and nozzles to glass manufacturers for many years. The quality of our products coupled with our competitive prices keeps our glass and quartz melting customers coming back.

Heat and Oxidation Resistant

Molybdenum components are used to produce glass and quartz products that people use on a daily basis. The metal’s properties include high strength at glass melting temperatures (1,400 Celsius) and exceptional resistance to corrosion by molten glass.

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