Chemical Processing Components

CPI Components

Rembar maintains an extensive inventory of tantalum in all shapes and forms for the chemical processing industry (CPI). Rod, wire, sheet, plate, and tubing are all in stock for immediate delivery. Precision-machined and formed CPI parts are produced to order in our machine shop, and we offer the shortest lead times in the industry for machined and formed parts.

Tantalum Components for Chemical Processing

Durable and Versatile

The corrosion resistance, heat transfer properties, and workability of tantalum make it a perfect construction material for a wide range of CPI equipment and applications.

Chemical Resistant

Chemical resistance is an essential factor for the integrity of equipment in the chemical processing industry. Of all metallic materials used for chemical processing equipment, tantalum is second to none regarding chemical inertness. In fact, tantalum has proven itself to be totally inert in many CPI applications.

Long Life Tantalum

The relatively high initial cost of chemical processing tantalum products is offset by its extremely low corrosion and long life-time.

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