Refractory Metal R&D

Custom Refractory Metal Manufacturing

Research and Development engineers look to us for our ability to provide a quick turnaround on precision-machined and formed refractory metal prototypes, tooling, test jigs, and fixtures.

We have the engineering experience and expertise to assist in the design of refractory metal components. This is one of our specialties and customers tell us we dramatically shorten the time from prototype concept to finished design.

R&D Engineering Support

Fast Manufacturing and Turnaround

By maintaining an extensive inventory of refractory metals in many different forms, Rembar can produce and ship a complex part sooner than most other companies can obtain the metal needed to produce the parts. With a machine shop that thrives on fast turn-around orders, our lead times on precision-machined parts are the shortest in the industry.

Manufacture, Repair, and Restore Parts

Experienced professionals can assist in developing your ideas for better machining and manufacturing. Customers routinely send us machined parts for repair, restoration, or modification. For many customers, this is a more cost-effective strategy than traditional replacement methods or redesign.

Engineering Presentation Support

Our 3D design capabilities allow us to provide you with many file formats of your work. We can scan and digitize your drawings to almost any format up to 48 inches. We can produce your ideas in 3D computer models, manufacturing drawings, realistic concept photos, flash video, and more for your brochures, websites, and presentations.

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