Rembar: Trusted Supplier to the Aerospace Industry

Rembar: Trusted Supplier to the Aerospace Industry

What do NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, Blue Origin, JPL, AMAZON/Project Kuiper, Howmet Aerospace & GE Aviation have in common? Answer: All of these aerospace companies are customers of Rembar.

Since its founding in 1950, Rembar has built a solid reputation as a reputable, reliable, responsive & trustworthy partner to the aerospace industry.

Whether they need quick shipment of DFARS-compliant refractory metal mill products (rod, sheet, plate, tubing, wire, etc.) or they have an urgent requirement for a complex part machined & fabricated from molybdenum, pure tungsten, heavy metal tungsten alloy, tantalum or niobium, they trust Rembar to supply superior quality products quickly.

Over the years, Rembar has welcomed visits from many aerospace companies & national research labs’ collaborative design & production engineers to our headquarters & machine shop. The collaborative projects that Rembar has undertaken over the decades include the precision-machining, forming & fabrication of mission-critical refractory metal components for space flight, planet exploration, earth satellites, space probe nuclear power components and aerospace research & development programs.

What sets Rembar apart from other machine shops including producer mills’ on-site machining centers is our ability to fabricate & ship complex parts quickly. Thanks to our large inventory of domestically-produced refractory metals, Rembar is not impacted by the historically long lead times for refractory metal mill products. In addition, our in-house machine shop is properly-managed & sized to produce top quality precision-machined parts quickly. We employ precision machinists with years of experience machining, fabricating & forming refractory metals. Many of the orders we receive for precision-machined parts are filled within three to four weeks after receipt of order.

Contact Rembar for urgent requirements of superior quality Molybdenum, Tungsten, Tantalum & Niobium Products

Please call us at (914) 693-2620 to discuss your project requirements with one of our knowledgeable & experienced sales engineers. Or if you prefer, use our on-line “Fast Quote” or “Contact Us” form to send us a message. We hope to hear from you!