Domestic & Imported Metals Available

Domestic & Imported Metals Available

Domestic & Imported Metals Available

Over the years, Rembar has developed an international network of partner mills and other 1st tier sources for refractory metals. Our network of producer mills & master import/export companies helps to insure an uninterrupted supply of refractory metals to our customers. In addition, Rembar manages the fluctuating refractory metals marketplace so our customers benefit and always have a place for reliable supply of top quality metals & their fabrications.

Domestic Sources

We proudly offer refractory metals produced in the USA. Refractory metals produced in the USA include commercially pure molybdenum, molybdenum alloys, commercially pure tungsten, tungsten alloys, tantalum & niobium.

International Sources

We also import refractory metals from a variety of sources in Europe and China. In the past, product quality from China was problematic and inconsistent. However, over the last 15 years, several world-class production mills, using western technology, have emerged in China. In fact, some well-known western companies now also produce refractory metals in China.

What To Consider When Choosing Domestic or International Product:

Availability: At various times, domestic mills are out-of-stock on product and/or have very long lead-times. So if you need product quickly, choosing product from another country might make sense.

Price: Typically, product from China is less expensive than domestically-produced USA product. So if your project is price sensitive, you should consider comparing the price of Chinese product to domestic product. At times, the savings can be significant.

Size Limitations: Each producer mill has limitations on the size, shape & weight of the products they can produce. So having a variety of international sources available insures that we can supply your requirement, however large or small.

Contract Requirements: There are times when customers specify that the product you supply to them must be produced in a specific country. In the USA, DFARS requirements (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) is one example of when your customer might demand that product be produced in the USA. Conversely, a US company doing work for a customer located in China may be required to source material from China. Either way, Rembar has you covered!

Our seasoned, experienced & friendly sales engineers are standing by waiting to answer your questions about refractory metals. Please give us a call today!