Uses of Molybdenum

Uses of Molybdenum

Molybdenum Ore

Where is Molybdenum Metal Used?Molybdenum touches our lives every day, but in ways that are both visible and invisible to the end user. A silvery metal, Molybdenum is in the top ten of metals with highest melting points. It also retains strength and stability at very high temperatures, up to 1900 degrees Celsius.

There are many applications where Molybdenum is the choice metal for the job. Lighting, for example, is the oldest application for Molybdenum metal and in particular, halogen lamps, most often found in automotive headlights. Moly’s low coefficient of thermal expansion and good bonding with silica glass make for ideal glass-to-metal seals.

Glass manufacturing is another process where Molybdenum’s high-temperature strength, fabric-ability, and compatibility with most glass compositions make it ideal for glass melting electrodes, molten glass stirrers, and high-temp furnace shields.

Another industry where Molybdenum has been widely used is in electronic and semiconductor applications. In fact, in the beginning of electronic age, manufacturers used Moly in the fabrication of vacuum tubes. Molybdenum’s compatibility with tube glass formulations made it an optimal choice in those components. With the coming of solid-state electronics, scientists and engineers discovered Molybdenum’s unique combination of physical properties and good mechanical properties at ambient temperatures, ease of plating, and compatibility with existing brazing and soldering techniques, made it the material of choice in the construction of solid-state electronics. Over the past 25 years and the explosive growth of mobile phone technology and demand for integrated circuits, Molybdenum, with its excellent thermal properties, is used extensively in the production of semiconductors found in cellular phones.

These are just some examples of how useful and valuable Molybdenum metal is in the building of our high-tech world. Rembar continues to be a renowned refractory metals supplier with a state-of-the-art fabrication facility on the premises and we’re always interested to hear from you about your Molybdenum requirements, big or small, because it all starts with an idea, the heart of innovation.