Niobium, Tantalum & Tungsten Jewelry

Niobium, Tantalum & Tungsten Jewelry

Niobium, Tantalum & Tungsten Jewelry

Whereas contemporary jewelry is typically fashioned from precious metals like gold, silver & platinum, some refractory metals are gaining popularity with jewelry wearers thanks to the rarity, uniqueness and durability of refractory metal jewelry.


Niobium is perhaps the most widely-used refractory metal in jewelry-making. It is a rare metal and has high strength. It is scratch resistant and hypoallergenic. It is easy to cut with a jewelers saw and can be hand-formed and forged with ease. At room temperature, a thin oxide film forms on the surface of niobium which protects it from corrosion. Light weight, very malleable and similar to platinum in appearance, it can be finished to its natural grey color or anodized to create a unique rainbow of iridescent colors. Comparable to sterling silver in cost, it has become a favorite for those looking for investment jewelry. In addition, Niobium has found a unique niche market in the creation of chainmaille jewelry designs. Chainmaille (or chainmail) is produced by connecting metal rings to one another.


Tantalum is used in jewelry making for several reasons. It is easy to form, cut & bend, is hypoallergenic and is extremely corrosion resistant to all chemicals. It has an attractive grey-blue luster and can be textured with ease. Eye-catching and unique, tantalum rings, bands and even watches can be purchased at upscale jewelers and are offered in many designs and finishes.


Tungsten is one of the hardest refractory metals and is hypoallergenic. Thanks to its strength and toughness, it is scratch-resistant and withstands wear and damage. Jewelers create unique & appealing wedding bands and other rings from tungsten.


Titanium has a lustrous white appearance, is corrosion resistant and very strong. And thanks to its relatively low density, it is light in weight. For these reasons, combined with the fact that it is hypoallergenic, jewelers use titanium for piercing jewelry.

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