Should I Buy Refractory Metals From A Distributor?

Should I Buy Refractory Metals From A Distributor?

Distributors play a critical role in the supply of refractory metals to the marketplace. Generally, producer mills do not like to carry much inventory. Reputable, well-run distributors, on the other hand, purchase large quantities of refractory metals on speculation and stock it for their customers that need product quickly and at a fair price. In addition to supplying mill products (wire, rod, sheet, plate, etc.) Rembar has in-house precision-machining & fabrication capabilities.

Lower Price From A Producer Mill?

Many people believe that bypassing a distributor and buying direct from the mill cuts out the middleman and results in a lower price to the end user. However, that is not necessarily the case. While all producer mills have a product cost advantage over a distributor, the mill that is quoting you might have higher production costs than other mills. Rembar – established in 1950 – has built a global network of reliable, quality producer mills. Our knowledge of refractory metals and our long term relationship with dozens of producer mills result in our ability to offer prices to the end-user that are very competitive with any individual producer mill’s offer. Many times our quotes offer the end-user the choice to pick the best combination of price & delivery lead-time from more than one producer mill.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and Minimum Order Value (MOV)

Producer mills typically have a high Minimum Order Value (MOV) and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). High MOV’s & MOQ’s can be a financial barrier to end-users that have small or medium-size requirements that do not meet the mill’s MOQ and MOV. When you purchase from a reputable distributor like Rembar, the required minimum order value is typically small enough to not be a concern.

Product Variety and Production Type (Powder Metallurgy, Vacuum Arc-Cast, Low Carbon, etc.):

Every producer mill has a limitation on how their products are produced (via Powder Metallurgy, Vacuum Arc-Cast, Low Carbon, etc.) and the range of products they can offer. In addition, each mill has a limit on the size, weight and dimensions of the refractory metal products they produce. That is why well-run, reputable distributors like Rembar have business relationships with multiple producer mills and down-stream “added-value” secondary & tertiary producers. Whereas a single producer mill might “no quote” your requirement because it is outside the boundaries of their individual capabilities, Rembar likely has a partner producer mill that offers what you are looking for. So one-stop shopping in the refractory metals industry is a reality when you ask Rembar to quote your requirement.

Product Certifications & Material Analysis

Due to the nature of the refractory metals industry and the critical applications these metals are used in, providing product certifications and an accurate material analysis is an absolute must. Rembar provides mill certifications with every shipment. In addition, we double-check every shipment we receive with a Niton XLT898 X-Ray Fluorescence Alloy Analyzer.

Inventory Management & Control By FIFO, Production Batches & Heat-Lots

Most businesses practice First in, First out (FIFO) inventory control methods for obvious reasons. Reputable distributors like Rembar take FIFO to the next level by managing their inventory by production date, production batches and heat-lots. That way, we can offer large quantities of product from the same production batches and heat-lots, a requirement that many end-users require for quality-control reasons.

Country of Origin

Rembar identifies the country of origin on everything we quote. We offer products proudly produced in the USA. We also offer products produced in Europe, Japan, the Far East and China. So if you have a DFARS contract that stipulates the product must be produced in a DFARS-friendly country, we have you covered. On the other hand, if the product you need is not produced in the USA, chances are that we can source your requirement from one of our offshore partner producer mills. 

DFARS, Conflict Minerals & Other Contract Stipulations

Rembar meets all DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement), conflict minerals legislation (Dodd-Frank Act) and other contract stipulations that government, research organizations and defense industries require.

So to answer the question “Should I buy refractory metals from a distributor? The short & long answer is yes. But choose your distributor carefully. Look for a distributor with a sterling reputation and extensive experience in the industry.

Rembar has been a refractory Metals distributor and fabricator since 1950. And our reputation for quality & service in the industry is unsurpassed. Let us answer any questions you have. Contact us today at Tel. 914-693-2620. Our knowledgeable & friendly sales engineers are standing by.