Rembar: A Trusted Supplier of Refractory Metal Products to Public & Private Research Universities

Rembar: A Trusted Supplier of Refractory Metal Products to Public & Private Research Universities

Rembar has been a trusted supplier of refractory metal products to Public & Private Research Universities for over 70 years.

The research and development of new products and processes is key to the continuing advancement of mankind. Imagine how our lives today would look without the technological advancements made in the 20th century!

While major advances in technology are self-evident (Phone, Radio, TV, Internet, Medical Treatments, etc.) many other advancements accomplished through research take place with little notice or fanfare. The development of the American film industry was partly achieved through research at Columbia and Harvard. The building of the American military–industrial complex was achieved through leading research at MIT & Stanford. And the development of Silicon Valley saw Berkeley & Stanford playing a central role. Less evident, but of great importance are the many advancements made by university researchers: energy storage devices, microwave technology, solar power, wind turbines and improved tooling in the manufacturing sector.

Most researchers start their careers as students at public or private research universities doing research as part of their curriculum. Research adds value to an undergraduate’s education and to society as a whole. After graduation, some students start a career in academia teaching or conducting research with undergraduates. Other graduates branch out into the public and private research sector.

Whatever career path they choose, many private sector and government researchers discovered Rembar during their years as university students conducting research. And most continue to choose Rembar for their refractory metal requirements when they join the workforce thanks to our commitment to unsurpassed quality & service since our founding in 1950.  

Refractory metals are key to many industries and processes that require parts and products that are resistant to high heat, corrosive environments or when high density and maximum weight are needed.

Pictured are a sampling of the various prototype parts we’ve produced for researchers throughout the years. Forming, bending & precision-machining are our areas of expertise. Whether you need one prototype part for research or one hundred parts for mass production, Rembar has the knowledge, products and production facilities to handle your urgent need.