Welcome to the Rembar Blog!

Welcome to the Rembar Blog!

Welcome to the Rembar Blog! Here, we’ll post informative and interesting news concerning refractory metals and monitor trends in the industry.

Refractory metals, such as the products that Rembar sells each and every day, are well known for their resistance to heat. Most of them have melting points in excess of 3632 F (2000 C) — that is a lot of heat! How hot, you might ask? Well, 3632 F (2000 C) is hotter than molten lava erupting from any given volcano, and if you placed a tungsten rod in the lava flow, it would not melt. Please don’t try this on your next trip to Hawaii!

Common Uses of Refractory Industrial Metals

For starters, refractory metals are used in a wide variety of machines, devices, components, and gadgets that are part of our modern world. Things like x-ray tubes, lighting filaments, automotive ignition systems, and golf clubs, to even more sophisticated systems like rocket nozzles, MRI machines, and semiconductors all contain refractory metals.

As you can see, refractory metals and their extraordinary properties are the cornerstones of our ever-growing high tech world and each one of us should take the time to study and understand these remarkable elements. Here at Rembar, we have more than 50 years experience in machining refractory metals for the aerospace, semiconductor, medical equipment, and vacuum furnace industries and enjoy working with our customers everyday who are building the future with better products that serve the greater good.

Learn More About Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium, and Rhenium with Rembar

Many people today may find themselves in new job positions where suddenly they are required to buy or sell refractory metals and/or fabricated parts and may not be familiar with tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, and rhenium. I suggest you bookmark the Rembar website, because we want to hear from you and build new relationships. They’re not inexpensive materials, so if you are looking to purchase these refractory metals, Rembar is here to give you professional and personal service according to your unique needs.